The Grand Historical Index Of Whoof Arted

March 11, 2009

updated : 3-13-09

You may (or, may not) have noticed a
rather significant change pertaining to
the layout and title of this blog.
Due to a recent "upgrade", some valuable
information was lost in the "secure transition"
to a newer version of template. A lot of this
information (data) may (or, may not) be lost
through upcoming changes planned within
a humble budget, a generous amount of time,
gallons of water, camels and a steady supply
of devil's claw root. Links will be provided
on my main page - Whoof Arted - to this
site as a category reference point. As
numerous problems have occurred
during my neurotic, insatiable
"Quest For The Holy Template",
and, although I have the time, I
still need to adjust the main page
and don't care to retrieve this info
more than once again.

Cost of time : slight pay decrease

Water : Free dollars

The "root" : $15.00

Not losing this as a reference again :

This effort will be used constantly by
yours truly as a link, reference and
search page. I hope it has been useful
to you - should you have happened
to get lost here. The Grande Index will
be added to frequently and dated to
ensure current links work and info is correct.

The indexed links to the left, in the
sidebar, will
open in new tabs.

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