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February 10, 2009

(updated 4-16-09)

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  • posted by john r mclay at 4:27 PM


    Cool, a personal Classified Section. For Sale: 20,212 VHS videos and DVD's @.25 cents per copy, purchaser take all. Ready for shipment at purchasers expense, all videos contained in "New" 50 pound waxed fish boxes, re-sale value per box @ $8.00 each. Approximately 300 fish boxes.

    3/26/09, 10:41 PM  

    FOR SALE: Almost new air compressor used only on occasion. Sacrifice sale at $1,200.00

    3/26/09, 10:43 PM  

    I'll give you $.10 per movie on an adjustable monthly payment plan, but the air compressor warrants trade for a few boxes of miscellaneous plumbing parts, a weiner pig and 1 goat.

    3/28/09, 8:57 AM  

    "Slightly" used trunk monkey for sale!

    Anyone who's everyone should have a trunk monkey! He will protect your personal belongings,

    chaperon your daughter's dates, change a flat, etc. All-around great tool. Only been dropped on his

    head twice and been in 6 rear-end collisions, but lost his left arm in the trunk lid. He still has his strong

    side. Had his stomach pumped numerous times for Uncle Larry's heart medication and recently "went off"

    on one of Grandma's friends while I was away (he gets upset when I leave him). Can't have him around

    the kids or paint cupboard anymore, but still very "handi-capable"! Good for single, large male.

    Don't let your vehicle get stolen again!

    Looking to trade for pistol and/or security cameras.

    4/15/09, 9:44 AM  

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