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February 13, 2008

9 - 2010


Afternoon fishing

17 inches

Less coho salmon in the lake, now, which means
near 100% catch of rainbows with an occasional salmon.

PM fishing 7:30 - 9

My Fourteen inchers :

And, my fifteen :

Out of focus - I know! But, 17" of trout is the
second largest rainbow I have had in this lake:


September, 2009

Fishing for trout has never been as fun
as it is this year.

It might be that I have
gotten practiced, finally, on how to tickle
the line, hold the rod, and which cheek
my tongue should be in.

The colors and
patterns seem relevant to some degree
but it's really how you flaunt your hook, I think.

Even the timing can be all there is to a steady
biting pattern. This morning, the trout were
HUNGRY and wouldn't leave enough alone.

Here's some fun I had with a little school (mob):

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